A Poem:In Times Like These, May God Cause Good Men to Arise In The Land

By: Moncio Robert Kpadeh (Sage)

In these dark and devastating times in our nation’s existence, may the Almighty God cause Good Men to arise in the land;

Good Men who value Good over Gold;

Good Men who honor country with duty, gratitude, and loyalty;

Good Men of pride, dignity, integrity, esteem, nobility, and moral ethos;

Good Men with the wisdom, discipline, and intestinal fortitude to resist the tempting trappings of power and the sweet glory of authority;

Yes, in such painstaking time of national trials and tribulations, may the Almighty God cause good men to arise in the land;

Good Men with daring consciousness and searing patriotism in their blood veins to rise up in the land;

Good Men with strong opinions and unyielding courage to act accordingly;

Good Men who will resist the temptation of corruption and other acts of venalities and abnormalities.

Oh yes, In times like these, our nation craves and wails for Good Men;

Good Men of deeds, not words, Good Men of love, humility, and compassion;

Good Men who do not choose silence in the face of evil; Good Men who stand for the truth and will look into the faces of the ‘power that be’ and tell it as it is;

Good Men who will not connive and collude with Bad Men to misgovern the nation and subject its people to utter despair;

Good Men who do not waiver and bow to fears, and permit evils to reign in the land unchallenged;

Good Men with the fierce stone and steel to rebuke and tremble at injustice, oppression, deprivation, and the brazen subjugation of the masses even at the peril of their lives;

Oh Lord, our nation bleeds and whirls in the morass of utter misrule and wickedness in high places, please cause Good Men to arise in the land and change our story;

Good Men who choose honorability over the grandeur of wealth and fame; Good Men who put country above self, Good Men who will stand in defense of their country cause at all times;

Good Men in whom the squalor-stricken masses find hope, inspiration, and faith;

Good Men who dedicate their lives to humanity and their sacrificial services to the nation;

Good Men who promote good governance and foster unity, peace, tranquility togetherness, diversity, inclusion, and nationalism;

Finally and more importantly, men of philosophical, historical, religious, and spiritual inclinations—Good Men of knowledge who fear the Almighty God.

Indeed, It is time for Good men to arise, may God Almighty cause Good Men to arise in the land.

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