A Tribute To Dr. Sawyer

By: Alex Gandah

As we reflect on the death of our hero, Dr. Amos C Sawyer, it is important to retrospect on his contributions to the fight for equality in Liberia. Dr. Sawyer and other progressives initiated and led the fight for change in liberia. He risked his life in orderto have Liberians equally benefit from a good future. Some good soldiers like him left to be with the Lord on the battlefield in the struggle like he did yesterday.

Dr. Sawyer and others preached a message of change and of hope. Their voices were what gave the masses hope for a better future. Though the promised future was not achieved as was expected, but there is an expectation that we who believe in the struggle for a better future for Liberia will continue to do all we can to fight on.
Today, looking at the political corridor of Liberia, it is hard to determine who will continue to bear that progressive message. However there is one person that is sending out the familiar message of hope and that person is Mr. Alexander Cummings.

From the beginning of the formation of CPP, we knew that the group will crumble along the way and we knew that the ripple effect of that crumbling will affect people’s decisions to vote. One thing most of us did not know is the fact that the chairman or leader of the same group will actually rap the group apart as was done by Chairman Boakai yesterday. Mr. Boakai’s failure to uphold the true meaning for which the CPP was established is very disappointing to all Liberians that initially casted their eggs is the basket of the collaboration. Mr. Boakai is once again giving the Liberian people a reason to believe that “Educated People” mean nothing for the people of Liberia.

As my oldman used to say to me whenever I get frustrated over a lost of some kind, “all is not lost” there is still a voice out there in the wilderness of our disappointment. The message he is preaching is a familiar message “ change and hope.” He might not be a progressive as we know it, but he is determined to take down this 200 years old ugly system that is being guarded by Mr. Boakai and his followers.

Mr.Alexander Benedict Cummings is now the lone voice in the wilderness who is proclaiming the coming of a new day for Liberians. He is announcing the breaking of a new day. A day that will know no tribe, no Congo or country, a day the will know no classism, no first or second family. This will be a day that all will benefit from what our resources will produce. This is the day that the progressives have fought for and will continue to fight for.

In the next 21 months, it is my hope that Mr. Cummings has enough invitation cards to send out to others who are willing to work with him in other to achieve a new Liberia. It is only us all working together that will enable us all to arrive in our expected promised land.

May the soul of our Comrade Amos Sawyer and all progressive militants Rest In Peace.

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