Accident or Murder? Twist in LAC Gruesome Death Case As Deceased Family Makes Huge Demands

Emmanuel Joe’s Supervisor is reportedly being investigated by the Liberian National Police for possible acts of murdering his coworker following news of a rift between the two men before his demise.

‘His supervisor has requested his dismissal on several occasions,’ sources within the company said, something which could be possible why he was murdered. The Police are yet to conclude their finding.

During a regular service routine, Emmanuel was crushed to death while his supervisor was also on shift at the same time. There are reports of a third person being present but yet to be identified, a source told Whistleblower.

It remains unclear whether given the strains between the two men if the supervisor deliberately turned on the breaker of the device or it was just an accident.

At the same time, the family of the deceased continues to make huge demands in the wake of the death of their loved one.

The family requests the decease’s first son, a disabled and a first-year college student be sent outside Liberia to continue his education.

According to someone close to the discussions, they also request the four children in grade school be fully educated to first-degree level.

‘Two lots of land with three units also be built, containing three bedrooms each and well-furnished for the family,’ they maintained.

Joe’s family wants three family members plus the deceased wife be provided employment by the Liberian Agriculture Company.

They have also not ruled out direct cash benefits and serving of food and drinks to the family during the period of bereavement.

LAC Management and the family on Sunday, August 29, 2021, reached an agreement on several of the requests made.

A source in the plantation said the wife of the deceased is expected to be employed following her bereavement while the kids are expected to be schooled amongst others.

Government has since shutdown operations at the company’s facility until otherwise ordered!

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