Advocacy Group Thrashes State of the Nation Address

An advocacy group, the Alliance for Justice and Democracy in Liberia has harshly responded to President  George Weah’s State of the Nation Address by accusing the government of deciding to mislead the Liberian people as to the total amount received from development partners in 2021.

The group is demanding explanation on unreported revenues from the mining of gold, diamonds and other precious resources that are off the books. It queried the status of stockpiles of iron ore being sold and not reported by the government to the people.

“It is interesting to see how and from where the domestic revenues are being generated when 85% of the people earn their daily living through informal labor.

“While President Weah stated revenue collected in 2021 was a total of $646 million US dollars of which $577 million US was from domestic taxes and $68 million was from Liberia’s Development Partners, one cannot help but ask what happened to the $1 million US dollar? Well, why should we be critical when President Weah was able to earn more than $80 million US dollars in just under 4 years on a yearly salary and incentives of less than $500,000 US dollars as President. We are certain it is not from his musical career even though he believes it is his main responsibility as a President,” the Alliance for Justice and Democracy in Liberia said.

The group said civil servants are owed their salaries, which means the government is yet to collect taxes from those incomes.

It further accused President Weah of failing to inform the Liberian people how many jobs were created and the current unemployment rate in the country.

“Creating militia groups and private followers are not considered as creating jobs. As you shamelessly read and tried hard to not sing as you address a nation of betrayed people, one could not help but think, who is on the side of the disadvantaged youths, our girls being placed between the hard choices of fulfilling a man’s sexual quest or continued to be disadvantaged in our society, our women and children being raped and sexually molested, who care for our old people and people with disabilities as you and your cronies have to figure a way to use them in your political propaganda through handouts and deceits?

“As our nation mourns, and the common citizens who have to walk the streets every day to hustle (selling small small things, used clothes, cell phone minutes and data, cold water, food on the side of the road, selling in the markets) as other citizens go to work every day and cannot get pay on time, have to beg other family members before they can pay their children school fees, others try everything possible to not sleep hungry, we find our citizens looking for quick miracles to get some kind of relief in this life. The people search for these types of intervention have left millions of Liberians as beggars and economy slaves in their own country, except for the few thousands like you, your family members along with your government officials and their children who have access to the country money and can build big houses, with tall fences, lighted by private generator and private security, riding big cars and do not have to worry about food to eat, these ordinary citizens have to keep depending on divine intervention by going to the next holy ghost fire professing church person.”

As far as the Alliance for Justice and Democracy in Liberia is concerned, “just over one year ago in November 2020, when you decided to make fun of the ordinary citizens as you responded to the people’s concern about people just dying around Monrovia and how people were being terrorized and robbed and no one was there to talk for the people, you said the ordinary citizens must buy their CCTV camera for security protection.”

The group cried out that today mainly women and children, who struggle everyday without knowing where the next day food will come from “while you and your wife and children eat every day and anytime, women and children who run outside dancing when LEC comes  on, if it comes on once a week, while your house has generator beating all day and your LEC light never go off, every day while you and your family watch TV anytime your like, today some of those women and children’s lives have ended in search for miracle so God can bless them and they too could have access to electricity 24 hours every day where they can study and do their homework in the night after hustling all day, food to eat and not worry about hunger or to depend on men to offer them food for their bodies, to at least live like children, just how your children and your big minister’s children are enjoying.”
The Alliance for Justice and Democracy in Liberia pointed out that today Liberians mourn the deaths of more than 15 females, including one pregnant woman and 11 children who did not have CCTV with them to protect them.

It said some of those women were market women, mothers, sisters, other people’s children They could not afford CCTV as recommended by the President.

“Mr. President, Dr. Bishop Weah – the ordinary people will continue to trust in the true God who protected the children of Isreal. We will not be surprised if one of these crusades will be hosted by the church you are leading and everyone attending will have CCTVs with them.” The group concluded.

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