AFL Personnel Indiscriminately Discharges Firearm & Commits Suicide

The Armed Forces of Liberia has announced that one of its officers has indiscriminately discharged firearms at the entity’s Star Base office in Bushrod Island.

According to the AFL, a personnel of the force was severely wounded and is undergoing treatment at JFK.

The perpetrator of the act reportedly committed suicide and an investigation has been launched into the circumstances that led to his action.

Assistant Defense Minister Sam Collins stated in a release that the AFL under the leadership of the Chief of Staff has ordered a complete lockdown of the Star Base Duty Station.

“The Provost Marshal of the Armed Forces of Liberia and the Military Police have all moved on to the incident scene, gathering pieces of evidence that will help the investigation. Those information will also help us to answer some of the questions you are asking,” he narrated.

He continued “Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia and the Minister of National Defense have all made contacts with the families of the deceased as well as the wounded.”

The AFL and the Ministry of National Defense calls on the public to remain calm as they are doing everything possible to ensure that they unveil circumstances that led to the action of its soldier.

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