ANC Outburst on Urey Opens Can of Worms In CPP

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) has harshly reacted to allegations in recent weeks by the Political Leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni Urey, that the Framework Document of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) was altered by what Urey called “nefarious” and “fraudulent individuals.”

But ANC said, sadly and disappointingly, Mr. Urey did not indicate or provide any shred of evidence to substantiate his wild claims and allegations, nor will he ever do so.

“He did not say exactly what was altered in the Framework Document, nor will he ever do so. He did not say who altered the Framework Document, nor will he ever do so.” ANC stated in a statement.

The party alleged that when Mr. Urey made those “unfounded claims and wild allegations,” he knew they were false and inaccurate. ANC also alleged that Mr. Urey knew that the Framework Document had not been altered.

It noted that more importantly, Mr. Urey knew he was being disingenuous, in what amounted to a lie, yet accusing him of these claims and allegations.

“Urey made them because those false allegations foster his selfish political motive and interest. He made them because he was executing a political ploy in a playbook of lies and deception.

“Urey has one objective: That is, Urey wants to impede the quest of Alexander Cummings for the CPP’s Standard Bearership through dubious means, and he believes he can win by every shortcut method possible.

“That is what Urey knows best. 2 But far from Urey’s devious allegations, neither Alexander Cummings nor the ANC altered provisions of the Framework Document.”

The party argued that no provision of the Framework Agreement was added or removed and that there were no such alterations.

ANC pointed to Mr. Urey as the one whoi hatched such claims for the benefit, and to the full knowledge of, a few individuals in the Unity Party (UP), supported by few persons in the Liberty Party (LP), to kill the proverbial dog that must be guilty at all cost, even if the facts prove otherwise.

Meanwhile, the ALP of Mr. Urey has promised to offer its response to the ANC as the crisis within the CPP seems far from over, much to the disappointment of Liberia.


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