Angry Mob Sets Speaker Chambers’ Residence Ablaze in Maryland County

The home of House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has been burned down to ashes by angry citizens in Pleebo, Maryland County. When contacted, the Speaker’s media officer Bobby Bleyan Addison confirmed the information.

According to sources, the action of the angry mob was triggered by the growing wave of ritualistic killings in the county.

The angry mob, predominantly women, marched through Pleebo in order to draw the attention of authorities.

Recently, there have been reports of mysterious killings in the county, thus creating panic amongst citizens.

On March 25, 2021, a motorcyclist identified as Modicious Nyema was gruesomely murdered by Moses Mlarmah, a man believed to be his (Modicious) friend.

Even though Mr. Mlarmah has been charged with murder and sent to court for prosecution, it is yet unclear whether he committed the act for ritualistic purpose.

Motorcyclists in Harper went on the rampage on Tuesday March 30, 2021 in demand for justice.

The motorcyclists’ action reportedly led to the vandalism of an LNP patrol vehicle, wounding of Maryland County Deputy Police Commander, Layee Massaley and the breaking and looting of the Harper Central Prison.

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