Another Teacher Resigns From Bridge International Academies Over Poor sight from faulty devices, Bad Labor And Other Wrongful Practices

In Pic: Education Min, D. Ansu Sonii, Logo, owners Shannon May and Husband

A six-grade teacher at David Fejue Public School has tendered in his resignation from Bridge International Academies program that is supervising over two hundred public schools in the country.

In a communication sent to Bridge Human Resource Manager or Director of People, a copy in Whistleblower’s possession, Mr. Edwin G. Sulonteh said it is regrettable that the Bridge computer are faulty and having an effect on teachers’ eyes.

Despite the sensitivity of the lenses of the device, which affects eyes, the disappointed teacher says, the device is completely faulty and barely gets teaching work done adequately. ‘Most of the times it causes problem such as charging and technical issues,’ he said in his resignation letter.

The Suakoko lecturer said, using the robot computer gives teachers no time to do further research to adequately prepare teaching the young ones.

Edwin Solunteh however expressed frustration in the 7am to 3pm teaching hours which according to him affords little time for teachers to do other work to augment their already small salaries.

He said those being paid by the government get absolutely nothing from Bridge International Academies, an entity making millions of dollars from Bill Gates, Facebook Owner Mark Zukerberg amongst others.

Students staying in school till 3pm daily have got nothing to feed on; the company barely cares except the profits they make.

The teacher said there is complete lack of motivation within Bridge; they work on ‘Empty stomach’ while the owners swim in millions he narrated.

Mr. Solunteh continued that what they receive as salary from government is meager and they are requesting GoL to prevail on these multi million firms to raise the intake of teachers. The Bong teacher said even teachers on stipend have to survive on whether or not the faulty devices brought by the company is working properly to showcase lesson guide.

This is not the first time a teacher is leaving from Bridge International Academies disappointedly as a whole school recently wrote vacating the program.

The Kenedja Public School in RLJ Community departed the program after Bridge International, Liberia program failed to get teachers on payroll or renovate their premises till the President of Liberia did massive renovation.

The company has been caught in web of conflict, illegal dismissal and bad labor amongst others; though the government has reneged on removing them from Liberia.

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