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Whistleblower Liberia

Atty Fahnbulleh Never Contacted In Reported LACC Investigation That Cleared Kanio Gbala

News of LACC Acting Chair Kanio Bai Gbala being cleared of corruption allegations at the integrity institution has received public backlash with the individual in the middle of the accusation saying he was never contacted.

Atty. Mohammed Fahnbulleh says the investigation was stage-managed by Kanio and that he was sidelined and never considered laying out the facts all through the process.

An Analyst Newspaper, banner headline Monday said Kanio was exonerated but failed to name the panel, institution, and whoever that did such investigation.

Wrote the Analyst ‘It is not known who carried out the secret probe, whether it is Mohammed Fahnbulleh consistent with his threat that he would engineer an investigation into Gbala’s alleged misdeeds, or whether it is Kanio Gbala opting to clear his own name from the mud or the Executive Mansion interested in bringing the matter to a logical closure.’

‘What is clear is that there is a copy of an investigation in the possession of The Analyst, seemingly from a secret investigation of allegations of corruption against LACC Vice-Chairperson, Cllr. Kanio Bai Gbala, and that findings have totally absolved him of all wrongdoings,’ the paper continued in the widely circulated Monday, April 5 edition.

Kanio is Acting Chair of the LACC and has been making frantic efforts to be named Chairperson but seems to be eager in cleaning the image of the organization especially starting with himself.

Atty. Fahnbulleh who’s in the middle of all the accusations that stirred up things at the LACC had earlier alleged that upon Cllr. Gbala’s appointment to the LACC October 2019, he informed the Board at the time that he had quit his job at UNDP and had tendered in his resignation letter which automatically made him get an official vehicle intended for the deputy chairperson post and was included in the payroll for the month of October.

According to Atty Fahnbulleh, he, however, received information that Cllr. Gbala was still in the employ of the UNDP and was receiving salary for October, November, December, and January while also on the LACC’s payroll.

Fahnbulleh cited Article 90(b) of the Constitution which states ‘No person holding public office shall demand or receive any other pre-requites, emoluments or benefits, directly or indirectly on account of any duty required by the government.’

He intimated that the such act on Cllr. Gbala’s part does not exhibit good character and therefore, makes him unfit to serve as vice chairman of the LACC as inscribed in Part 6, Section 6.3 of the LACC’s Act of 2008.

At the same time, Kanio Gbala said he at no time authorized the investigation that exonerated him but was done by his predecessor before his departure on request of Atty Fahnbulleh.

Though the investigation concluded under his watch, many believed an independent panel outside his watch and the LACC should have initiated the investigation.

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