Baptist President Elected Head of Liberia Council of Churches

The Liberia Council of of churches has elected new corps of officers at its 33rd Annual General Assembly at the New Water in the Desert Apostolic Pentecostal Church.

The positions of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, and Treasurer were up for elections.

Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves has been elected unopposed  as President, Rev. Dr. Samuel Quire of the United Methodist Church won as First Vice President, Moderator Senje Abioseh Stepter of the Presbyterian Church won as Second Vice President, while Mr. Emanuel D. Howe of the Episcopal Church won as Treasurer.

Outgoing President Bishop Kortu K. Brown of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church, outgoing First Vice President, Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Jensen Seyenkulo of the Lutheran Church in Liberia, outgoing Second Vice President Rt. Dr. Samuel Reeves who replaced Rev. Dr. Olu Menjay as president of the Liberia Baptist Convention and assumed the position in accordance with the LCC constitution, and outgoing Treasurer Rev. Deborah D. Toe of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, served their constitutional two terms since November 2017.

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