Barsi-Giah Team Stretches Buchanan Port To Brighter Level

As part of efforts to protect the facility of the Port of Buchanan from unwarranted encroachment and at the same time safe guard and secure the very newly installed lights along the only route to the seaport, brand new security stop and check/access gate that didn’t exist for many years since operations has been erected.

This has been attributed to an innovative move by Port Manager Civicus Barsi-Giah and his team in order to boost the International Ship and Port Security record of the port in addition to the new image the lighting project has created.

It will serve as a “NO GO ZONE” for authorized actions/inactions and put an immediate halt to intruders.

Meanwhile, following centuries of dark view along the route towards the seaport of Buchanan, the management team of Barsi-Giah has installed 50 pieces of Solar Light to brighten the environment.

Manager Barsi-Giah said his leadership has procured 200 pieces of Solar Lights that would be spread out from Robert Street to the port facility near ArcelorMittal Liberia concession area.

Barsi-Giah was specific when he said it is essential to impact the community whenever a leadership platform is availed, a vision he said President George Weah believes in.

The port is second to the Freeport of Monrovia in terms of landscape and space being used by several national and international companies, top business entities and individuals for import and export activities.

Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh cut the ribbon in the presence of Buchanan City Mayor, Moses Haynes, Port Operation Manager, Oretha Zeon Myers, the Port Consultant Mechell Reeves and the National Port Authority spokesperson, Malcolm Scott amongst other individuals, who were in attendance.

Superintendent Baikpeh as proxy of President Weah acknowledged the farsighted intervention of the port management team and reaffirmed his unhindered support for increased development.

Additionally, the Superintendent admonished Barsi-Giah to remain steadfast and focused on transforming the port facility and impacting the lives of staffs along with the city that hosts the facility.

Another proxy, Malcolm Scott, on behalf of NPA Managing Director Bill Twehway, lauded the Buchanan Port Manager.

Scott asserted that patriotism is about transforming the environment and the lives of citizens instead of the regular unsubstantiated criticisms against the current Weah leadership.

Immediately after the ribbon was disconnected, the port staffs and other citizens jubilantly joined the dignitaries to view the poles that were installed.

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