Bassa Solar Street Lights Disappearing!

Solar lights in the streets of Buchanan are quickly disappearing with no trace to who is behind the act, county authorities have alarmed.

Grand Bassa County Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh has   mandated joint security forces to take drastic measures against anyone caught.

Superintendent Baikpeh issued the mandate while at the Farmington Hotel for the National Security Council Regional Meeting in Margibi County.

“I have called on the joint security forces to take drastic measures against anyone who is caught removing any of those street lights that was given to us by our President. Meanwhile, I’m also calling all citizens to keep a watch on those Solar street lights,” the Superintendent declared

According to Superintendent Baikpeh, he has also spoken to the head of the joint security, who is Cllr. Pato Jargba, the County Attorney, because the actions by those he labelled as unscrupulous individuals are a serious threat to insecurity and the peace and stability of the county.

Meanwhile, the Bassa Youth Caucus (BYC) has issued its condemnation in the strongest terms amidst the reported stealing and destruction of solar lights installed in the streets of Buchanan by the Government of Liberia.

BYC further asserts that the act is inimical to the growth and development of the county and its people. BYC therefore encourages relevant authorities, including the Bassa Legislative Caucus, County Administration, and the Joint Security to launch a speedy and robust investigation in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

The youth group also calls on would be criminals and accomplices to desist and admonishes the people of Grand Bassa to be vigilant in protecting and taking ownership of the solar lights and all other development initiatives across the county.

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