Bealded Contributes To Rehabilitation Of Only Hand Pump At SDA School In Buchanan, Admonishing Senior Students To Use Education To Their Advantage

A prominent son of Grand Bassa Thursday contributed handsomely to the rehabilitation of the only hand pump on SDA Campus in Buchanan that has been down and since stopped serving hundreds of students.

Togar Alexander Bealded said in his words ‘Water is life,’ and encouraged the drinking of safe and pipe borne water for students who can sometimes barely afford to buy water every time they want to drink.

He made the contribution while serving as Keynote Speaker for the school’s tying program for senior students held at the school’s campus on Tubman Street.

Atleast eighty plus students received modern ties while their parents cheered on at a function well attended.

In his Speech, Bealded encouraged students to be studious and don’t depend on parents to place books in their heads, saying parents have done wonders already by sending them to school and it’s left with them to use it for their betterment or not.

‘Life is a paper white, what that means is when you’re born it’s like a plain sheet and as you move on with life information begins to get on that sheet, those information are your achievements or setbacks etc depending how you use your talent,’ he told the students.

He at the same time called on Mittal Steel and County Authorities to invest in students by offering them little cadet jobs after school hours to get some money for soap and to create opportunities for their lives even while in school.

Togar Bealded said the government and the company are making progress in infrastructure and other development but the bread and butter issues are not being handled, ‘Job creation is a must,’ he stated.

He continued, ‘In the absence of job families will remain poor, they won’t be able to feed their dependents or take kids to school and it’s the society that will suffer.’ He continued ‘ If we cannot support this generation

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