Big Brabee, Liberia’s foremost reality show opens

The long awaited Big Brabee Liberia reality show has opened in Monrovia with twenty-two amazing talents competing in what could be one of the nation’s biggest events.

The five weeks event is a Liberian reality show in which contestants or housemates live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize worth $10000 and a car amongst others. Most importantly all eyes locally and globally are on the dram full house. Talented housemates could come out with increased ratings that could land one anything: recording deal, advertisment deals etc.

Viewers play key role in voting exercises that can either maintain the contestants in the reality house or evict them. A robust social media team of each housemate and bloggers spin daily catchy happenings that motivate voting and attention.

‘It is a gender equality contest with the intend of selecting a multi-talented winner. One who is competent, able and well qualified to express much value for the country’s rich culture, hospitality, and tourists attraction to the world’ Big Brabee Liberia official website said in a statement.

Originating from South Africa, Big Brother has since kept citizens on their heels from Nigeria to Kenya to Cameroon and now Liberia adding to the pie.

With 24/7 cameras monitoring contestants, the reality showcases life in its totality without electronic devices like phones, television and others that keep one connected to the outside world. It shows the real side of individuals who sometimes eventually forget of being in a reality hall and the real side of each pops out, dramatic isn’t it!

It strictly enables one to showcase who they can be in a drama house with others out of touch with the rest of the world.

It’s fun, entertaining and exciting; Liberia’s next reality show could be something to watch.

NB. Official Broadcasting Channels:
247 Live on Channel 3, SATCON TV 📺, also 247 on Big BRABEE Liberia YouTube page for the Diaspora audience and relaying daily on Big BRABEE Liberia BBL Official Facebook page.

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