Bishop Klayee Hails LACC For Vindicating Him

Bishop John Allen Klayee of the Jubilee Praise and Worship Center has hailed the report in which the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) vindicating of wrongdoing following his dismissal by President George Weah as Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA) in Margibi County.

In his official response, Bishop Klayee said the report from the LACC shows that there are still religious men of high moral standings who, no matter where they are placed, can still serve as true ambassadors of Christ and come out clean.

“Today marks a historic day in redeeming the image of God’s religious community and that there are still men of moral decadence in our Liberian society. Let me first of all thank the almighty God for his grace that guided me through this turbulent period that for months spur the image of me, my family and the religious community at large. I am grateful especially to my wife, my Church, the Christian community and everyone who stood with me during those dark days.”

He expressed appreciation to the Government through the LACC for its impartial investigation that has found that he is vindicated from any criminal act while spearheading the affairs at the LAA.

Bishop Klayee said: “In this festive season, I would like to extend an olive branch of love and forgiveness to those who doubted and said all sorts of negatives and I pray that as the truth has been revealed, we can work together once more for the good of the nation.”

The poplar Liberian prelate then lauded President George Weah for the opportunity to have served his country and added that as a key religious figure, he can assure him that he will continue to give his support through prayers, supplications in whichever way for him to achieve his vision and dream for the country.

President Weah dismissed with immediate effect Bishop Klayee of his post early July 6, 2021 for administrative reasons.

But, months following his dismissal, Bishop Klayee has been cleared by the LACC of any possible corruption act.

The LACC had begun investigative report into allegations of payroll paddling and financial impropriety involving Bishop Klayee and other officials at the Roberts International Airport (RIA).

The LACC through its Executive Chairperson Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin on December 15, 2021 released findings of the investigation.

Cllr. Martin said the investigation finds that the leadership at the LAA does not take cognizant of the Human Resource policy and financial standing of the institution when considering recruitment of employees at the LAA.

The LACC head declared that the course of the investigations saw no criminal liability on the part of  Bishop Klayee and George Yuoh, former Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer respectively in the discharge of their duties.

Yet, the LACC recommended appropriate Human Resource policies and procedures for the recruitment of staff.

The Commission also went on to clear the Managing Director of the National Transit Authority (NTA) of any corruption act at the entity.

His vindication comes after NTA workers initiated go-slow protest in Monrovia on July 21, 2021 and made series of allegations against Managing Director Herbie Mccauley including the awarding of a contract to a Senegalese company outside of PPCC regulations and the alleged illegal scrapping of the company’s buses. These allegations among other things found the basis for investigations by LACC.

According to Cllr. Martin of the LACC, the partnership agreement with Numherit-Liberia LTB has been entirely pre-financed by the company for which the NTA has made no payment to said company.

The LACC boss noted that the scrapping of the company’s buses was not done in agreement with the General Services Agency (GSA) though an amount of US$4,000 generated from the scrapping had been placed into legitimate accounts at the United Bank of Africa (UBA).

He recommended that the partnership between the NTA and Numherit-Liberia be reviewed to ensure consistency with Public Procurement and Concession Commission Regulations while urging NTA to ensure that all future scrapping be fully authorized by the GSA.

The LACC boss said the investigations did not establish criminal liability on the part of the NTA Managing Director and other members of the senior management team and therefore requests a closure of the case.

LACC commended both RIA and NTA for complying with the full-scale investigation and warned all public and private officials to emulate the good examples of these officials who met all the compliance regulations to the investigations.

He announced that the LACC will issue Certificates of Clearance to those public officials of RIA and NTA on the just ended investigation.


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