Bloodbath in Bomi, Snowe & Tyler supporters at war

Several are wounded and in hospital as a result of clash between former Speakers Edwin Snowe and Alex Jenekai Tyler.

Several interviews conducted proved that former Speaker Snowe had a welcome party following representation of ECOWAS in Benin and Ivory Coast.

While the parade was ongoing, scuffle ensued between supporters of the two camps leading to many wounded and property damaged.

A random interaction with county stakeholders by Freedom FM, many narrated that Tyler’s supporters sat at a place (Gem Gem base) belonging to the City Mayor of Tubmanburg, Obediah Varney.

It all started with throwing of mineral water plastic and later went in flames with both sides stoning each other.

Tyler and Snowe have been at odds since Snowe played a pivotal role in ousting Tyler who was Speaker for almost a decade.

Former Speaker Tyler speaking via Freedom FM narrated that former Speaker Snowe had said earlier on his radio that people in Bomi will receive a showdown at 2PM in the county which Tyler insinuates was premeditated.

Though former Speaker Snowe has not spoken up to press time but the situation is escalating with several persons reported to be in hiding.

It’s gradually becoming a full blown war between the two which has the propensity to stall progress for the already underdeveloped county.

All parties confirmed that both sides threw stones and all sides had severe hits with threats to burn down Tyler’s Trust FM.

The Liberia National Police is yet to make any arrest.

Details are still coming in…

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