Boakai Finally Agrees To Take Over As CPP Chair

…Formal Ceremony is This Friday 

Joseph Nyumah Boakai, form Vice President of Liberia has finally consented  to become Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) formed by he and others several months ago.

This comes after many efforts, claims and counter claims that Liberty Party’s Leader Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence was presiding illegally.

The Chairmanship of the CPP has come from ALP Leader Benoni Urey to ANC Leader Alexander Cummings to LP Leader Nyonblee Lawrence and now Joseph Boakai.

Boakai reportedly reneged in taking up the role given he is a major contender for the Standard Bearer-ship of the CPP and wanted Senator Lawrence to keep holding on.

However, pressure from Cummings and other stakeholders including some members of Sen. Lawrence own party forced the Friday’s acceptance.

“ I will not hold on a single day as Secretary General of the CPP,” said LP SG Martin Kollah in an interview recently.

His action ran contrary to his Leader who was bent on remaining on as CPP Chair given Urey and Boakai wanted so.

ANC dismissed a press conference from Senator Lawrence over the weekend calling on her to step down and having no authority to speak for the institution.

The role has been rotational for every eight month from one leader to another and this is former VP Boakai’ turn to hold on .

Boakai is taking on at a time when the CPP remains heavily divided, disappointing to many political actors and lack of leadership at some point .

His ascendency Friday is expected to renew some hopes for Liberians who continue to suffer abject poverty and other vices they say at the hands of soccer legend George Weah.

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