Boakai Gears Up For 2023; Donates Ambulance And Joins Social Media

Following his 2017 defeat, Joseph Nyuma Boakai went considerably quiet for sometime in political engagements probably focusing mostly on family life and strategizing.

Three years into the defeat with the consolidation with three other political parties and election in the air, the former Vice President of the Country is back and running.

Friday, his Joseph Nyuma Boakai Foundation, donated an ambulance to the Family Medical Center, Paynesville, one of the Implementing Partners under his foundation’s Health pillar.

Said on his Facebook page ‘This is part of our medical outreach initiative to provide an ambulance for services to patients in Monrovia area.’

Health remains one of the core areas of concern in post conflict Liberia with medical facilities out of drugs and doctors and nurses underpaid. It indeed needs a real time looked into.

Boakai’s contribution to this sector remains cardinal and the timing is right.

Boakai’s Foundation sprouted out following the 2017 election to cater to the needy and emancipate the poverty stricken people from their despair.

At the same time, the former Vice President runs an effective social media Page that he now uses to communicate with a wider audience.

Key supporters of the VP: Patrick Honnah, talkshow host Henry Costa and Mo Ali all announced the good news to the public.

According to them he reads and interacts with people in record time on the platform and this is a 21st century move to dig deeper into a society that follows the happenings via internet mostly.

Boakai’s Presidential ambition comes at a time when three others from his CPP arrangement are also opting for same seat.

A leader of the CPP is yet to be known to date but many political pundits believe he has the numbers to win the key role.

In 2017 he was key challenger to Amb. George Weah and amidst hurdles in that election he walked away congratulating Weah.

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