Breaking News: ANC Sources Confirm Ivah Tukpah Arrest At Sierra Leonean Border

Authoritative sources within the ANC have confirmed that Isaac Vah Tukpah, former Chief of Staff to Alexander Cummings has been picked up at the border between Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Emmanuel Clarke who authored the book ‘George Weah, The Dream, The Legend, The Rise To Power,’ was quick to publish on his Facebook page ‘It is with deep sadness to inform you the Liberian people that security forces loyal to President George Manneh Weah has just kidnapped my co-author, Mr. Isaac Vah Tukpah, Jr. and has taken him to an unknown destination.’

He continued ‘I am very sad to know that the government of George Weah has resorted to a 19th Century practice in 21st Century Liberia. This act of kidnapping a Liberian citizen needs to be condemned by all human rights campaigners.Let us keep Mr. Tukpah and his family in our prayers.’

In the book which has since gone viral, some explicit write ups about the First Lady had activists and women advocates alike condemning the publication and calling for actions against Mr. Tukpah.

Alexander Cummings then immediately requested the resignation of Mr. Tukpah and put out a statement to that effect, Isaac did likewise putting out a statement and apologizing to whoever must have felt hurt by the action.

But late night things turned sour and an ANC stalwart stated ‘Team, IVah received several threats on his life, and was tipped off at highest levels that his life was in danger and to leave the country immediately. He proceeded to leave the country tonight, but was arrested by Liberian Immigration at the Sierra Leonean border. They all had his photo in their phones and said that he was wanted by the Liberian government, even though he hasn’t been charged with any crime and no warrant for his arrest has been issued.’

The writer who remains anonymous continued ‘IVah has committed no crime. He was last seen at the Tienne border checkpoint and reportedly taken to Bo Waterside border post. I.Vah’s life is now in the hands of George Weah and Nathaniel McGill.’

’Please let’s both pray for him, his wife and kids, as well as elevate this to the international media and western governments,’ it concluded.

Isaac Vah Tukpah is former Chairman of Weah’s CDC USA whose relationship with the President went sour leading him to contest in two successive elections before ending up as Chief of Staff to the opposition leader Cummings.

Views remain mixed in the public and as the whereabouts of Mr. Tukpah remains unknown the government is yet to also make an official statement.

Details to follow

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