Breaking News: Bility Wins Nyonblee & Co at NEC-Highly Placed Sources

Reports gathered say the National Elections Commission (NEC) has recognized the Liberty Party’s 2021 Constitution as the official working tool of the body.

Following her recent suspension for failing to pay dues, embattled Liberty Party Political Leader Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence went on to nullify the Convention of January 2021, which witnessed businessman Musa Bility and others being elected and said the party returns to status quo ante.

But her action prompted Chairman Bility to take exception to the NEC for redress with the outcome now maintaining him as the legitimate head of the party.

With this latest decision coming from NEC, it means LP Chairman Musa Bility remains in charge to the disappointment of several party stalwarts suspended recently for failing to settle their duties with the party.               

Madam Karnga-Lawrence and 16 other top executives of the party were suspended by the National Executive Committee of their failure to settle their dues with the party.

The National Executive Committee of the political party subsequently wrote the NEC to inform the body of the suspension of the executives.

Those suspended also include: George Gaybue, County Chair, Grand Bassa; Eugene Tarr, County Secretary, Grand Bassa; Romeo Coker, County Chair, Monterrado; Augustine Nyormi, County Secretary, Montserrado; Daniel Sando, Vice Chair for Press & Public Affairs; Edith Gongloe-Weh, Eminent Partisan; Debar Allen, NAC Chair/NAC Representative at NEC; Jacob Smith, NAC Member; Nathaniel Barnes, NAC Member.

Others include Agatius Coker, Chair for Auxiliary Services; Augustine Fredrick, Vice Chair for Inter-Party & NEC Affairs; Prince Toles, Vice Chair for Mobilization; Senator Abraham Dillon, Vice Chair for Political and Legislative Affairs/Caucus Member; Senator Steve Zargo, Legislative Caucus Member; Jonathan Kaipay, Legislative Caucus Member and Rep. Hans Barchue, Legislative Caucus Member.

Their suspension, according to the National Executive Committee, is in line with Article IX of the LP constitution which states: “Persons accepted as members of the party shall pay a monthly membership fee as may from time to time be set by the NEC… Members in good standing are members whose…membership dues are fully current and up to date… Members who are not in good standing shall not be allowed to hold any office within the party, and if such member holds a position in the party, elected or appointed, he/she shall be suspended from the office by the NEC, until he/she shall have resumed the status of member in good standing. If after three months, such member is still delinquent, he/she shall be permanently removed from the office; and may be expelled from the office.”

A communication to the Political Leader, Sen. Karnga-Lawrence, from the Executive Committee informed her of her suspension also reminded her that she had failed to pay her dues since January and remained delinquent despite a reminder on letter sent to her on November 22 and a subsequent letter on December 2.

According to the Party’s National Executive Committee, the Political Leader owes a total of US$US$18,000 which comprise a monthly due of US$1,500.

The communication: “During the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held on the 20th of November, 2021 in Ganta City, Nimba County, the NEC deliberated on the National Treasurer’s report and approved evoking Article IX for officials not in good standing by sending them a reminder letter about the status of their financial obligations. On November 22, 2021 a letter was sent to you indicating the balance owed on your account as US$1,500 per month. This represents a total of US$18,000 for the period January-December 2021. On December 1, 2021 the NEC approved the suspension of officials not in good standing. However, in difference to the office of the Political Leader, the NEC excepted on your suspension, pending reminder being sent to enable you to remedy the delinquency. On December 2, 2021, a second letter was sent. To date, you have not remedied the delinquency nor have you responded to either communication. Given the above, on December 6, 2021, the NEC approved your suspension.”

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