Breaking News: ‘Peter Twehway, Bill Twehway’s Brother Has No Idea of Being 50% Shareholder In CDI,’ Family Source Confides in Whistleblower

In pic: Peter Twehway, NPA MD big bro in green gown

A family source has told Whistleblower that Peter Twehway, the big brother of NPA boss Bill Twehway has got no idea about Creative Developers Inc.

The Articles of Incorporation pointing to the institution handling activities at the port of Buchanan, has Peter as 50% shareholder, at complete dismay to himself.

Mr. Peter Twehway barely survives as lecturer at Grand Bassa Community College and employee of the National Elections Commission, a family source said. He stays in a dilapidated Own Your Own Housing Unit, a remnant of LAMCO

‘Bill has continuously told him that he can’t recommend him because it could be conflict of interest,’ the family source said.

Infact Peter rides an old car in Buchanan City to be a 50% shareholder in a company earning thousands if not millions from port handling.

Corcerns are being raised about the possibility of President George Weah securing a second term following series corruption allegations linking key officials of his government. How the President reacts to the latest corruption scandal at the port following a huge transfer of 300K USD to a private overseas account by Charles D Gull who’s at large leaves everyone wondering.

Bill Twehway, the influential Managing Director of the National Port Authority who refers to himself as Gbehkugbeh Jr (NPA) and Cllr. Kanio Bai Gbala, Vice Chairman of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and Sidikie Fofana have been linked to a huge scandal at the port robbing millions out of tax payers.

They allegedly used funds from the NPA to purchase a US$65,000 966 Loader to carry out the handling services at the Port of Buchanan by their newly established Creative Developers Inc. (CDI).

Shares for the purported company are said to have been distributed among MD Twehway (50%), Cllr. Bai-Gbala (10%), Deputy Comptroller Christian Brownell (15%) and Hamed Sidiki Fofana (15%).

Brownell, the comptroller has been parading in opulence with a private pavement of road leading to his Brewerville home.

“So, from the time the company was founded, they had a single machine and each time a vessel is in port, it will be used to do the loading and their invoices will be sent to them,” a source divulged.

But in defense of his boss, NPA Public Relations Manager Malcolm Scott argued that at no time did MD Twehway become a shareholder of the CDI company.

Scott contended that the company contract with the Port of Buchanan was terminated since 2018 after his boss noticed that it no longer had the capacity, logistics and funding to operate.

For his part, Cllr. Gbala has requested a leave of absence following allegations that he professionally conflicted regarding the ongoing corruption investigation of the NPA.

“While I am absolutely convinced that I have committed no legal wrong nor violated any conflict of interest provision of our laws, I believe it is necessary that I take this leave of absence in order to allow the independent and professional men of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) to undertake a speedy and impartial investigation into this matter without any public perception of bias or impartially,” the LACC official said.

Cllr. Gbala denied being a shareholder of the company CDI but stated, “I bought shares in Creative Developers on behalf of my younger sister, Zarylee Gbala upon being invited by my friend Sidiki Fofana who established the company and is the CEO.”

The reports of conflict of interest involving the two officials of government has been generating concerns among Liberians at home and abroad.

Beyond just conflict of interest this is a landmark corruption scandal under the nose of President Weah who is opting for reelection in 2023.


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