Breaking News: What Led To The New Kru Town Stampede In Which Several Reported Dead?

A stampede has taken place in the Monrovia suburb of New Kru Town following a crusade.

The Crusade was presided over by Apostle Abraham Kromah of the More Grace Ministry.

Kromah is a widely follow tele-evangelist who is wooing thousands to the church and healing hundreds more. Noted for his prophesies and healing which has attracted many to him.

Wednesday’s crusade attracted thousands as usual in the densely populated New Kru Town community where people had gone to get prophecy and healing.

Following the crusade, around midnight as worshippers left the field where the event was held, disadvantaged  youths alias zogos made frantic efforts to steal belongings from the worshippers.

They reportedly came with cutlasses and machetes which led to a huge rush back to the crusade grounds eventually leading  to the stampede.

Report has it that over thirty persons got wounded and others killed as a result of the rush.

Representative Dixon Seboe of District 16 wrote on his official Facebook account following the incident “Pray for my district, new kru town, district 16. About 30 PEOPLE dead from a stampede after a crusade on D Tweh Field. So SAD!!!!”

Redemption Hospital nearby has since been overwhelmed with the dead and wounded leading to a National discussion on social media and other places with many expressing dismay and regrets.

The death toll is expected to rise as women, babies and the pregnant remain the most affected.

“ I had to pull a pregnant woman over to the field and get her some water to drink before she used the sea side to leave after the situation,” an onlooker spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Government has not  released a statement to date however the latest happening is expected to create panic and renewed discussion surrounding the way to handle the situation of drugs in the country and it effects on the youthful generation.

Recently government raided area boys in the Duala Community nearby who have been terrorizing marketers and dislodging them, a regroup might have led to the latest catastrophe.

Details are still emerging…

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