Breaking News: Whereabouts Of Another LRA Employee Unknown

In Pic: Miss LRA employee Moore, LRA Commissioner General, Thomas Doe Nah

The fiancée of Sayon Moore, an employee of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), has expressed fear about the whereabouts of her lover after he went missing  Wednesday, August 4, 2021.

Madam Joana Reeves explained that Moore left their Pepper Fish ELWA Community during the evening hours and has not been seen since then as his phone has been perpetually switched.

She explained that Moore, who has been working with the Real Estate Division of the LRA, was undergoing suspension without pay since June before his sudden disappearance, though he should have returned this August.

She said the suspension placed on Moore in June was a result of a tax enforcement order executed on the PA Rib House, at which time he and other LRA field staff locked the popular food joint.

Ms Reeves said having served this suspension and saw it lifted, Moore was slapped with another suspension as a result of another complaint from their upcountry assignment.

Moore’s fiancee made it known that she has always stood by his side during his troubles and therefore wonders what may have prompted his disappearance.

She is calling on the Liberia National Police and the management of the LRA to assist her in locating the whereabouts of Moore.

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