Breaking News:What Killed Dr. Cassell?

Daniel Cassell, a phenomenal Presidential Aspirant is reported dead, multiple sources have told Whistleblower.

He reportedly died in his basement in Philadelphia USA minutes after sending Christmas Message to hundreds of his supporters via social media.

The PLP Leader is said to have had a cardiac arrest that led to his demise suddenly.

His Presidential bid was closing in after his business fell into huge investigations about reported client duping and other unwholesome acts that he denied.

He reportedly used his psychosocial clinic to hide income through money laundering scheme and clients double charging alongside unverified tax returns amongst others.

“Two of Cassell’s employees submitted thousands of false claims to Medicaid for mental health services that were never performed or were billed incorrectly,” the Grand Jury said.

Some inside sources said the PLP boss has been very worried about the upcoming court proceedings that sharply ended his liberation struggle.

Details are still emerging.

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