Bridge International Academies To Face Labor Court For Gross Disrespect

The Government of Liberia is at the verge of instituting a lawsuit against the management of Bridge International Academies for failure of the company to respond to a Labor Ministry investigation and finding of witch hunt, illegal dismissal and bad labor.

Bridge International is a company outsourced under former Education Minister, George Werner to run Liberia’s educational program with the goal of  taking it from mess to best. Yet, educational observers say the system remains the same despite millions the company gets every school year from international donors.

Bridge has reneged in settling an atleast 40K USD brought upon them by Labor Ministry for illegal dismissal and other vices of a Liberian employee for approximately two years running. The new leadership under ex Deputy Education Minister Gbovadeh Gbilia has vehemently refused to adhere to the Labor Ministry’s findings given backings by some high ups within the CDC government.

For this, the Labor Ministry is moving on to calling for an enforcement by the Labor Court at the Temple of Justice for said upright refusal and deliberate attempts to ignore the Ministry and its findings. The Ministry thinks the refusal of the company does not only show disrespect to the Ministry but the government in totality.

According to Deputy Labor Minister for Manpower Development, Hannah McCaulley who came down with the findings against the company, they hacked into the staff account, inserted information to implicate falsely before doing a kangaroo investigation to have them dismissed. She termed the action as criminal needing severe actions to curtail the reoccurrence in the workplace.

The Labor Ministry said the action of the management of Bridge International is a complete witch hunt, for which the staff must be duly paid according to Chapter 14.10 of the Decent Work Act of 2015.

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor and Education Minister D. Ansu Sonii has been linked to protecting Bridge International Academies at the detriment of a Liberian citizen who was targeted.

Details are still filtering in…


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