Bridge International faces Legislative scrutiny today over massive redundancy

Educational brand, Bridge International Academies will appear before the House of Representatives to face scrutiny over the redundancy of at least seventeen employees.

The summon was at a result of a communication from Grand Bassa Representative, Thomas Goshua who asked plenary to invite the management of Bridge to answer why such action in the wake of economic situation that has rocked the country the COVID19 pandemic.

Ministry of Labour has also rejected Bridge International’s action and stated they have had no prior knowledge of the company’s action to redundant its employees.

Days following the redundancy, Bridge International placed up vacancy for all similar roles in flagrant disregard of the Labor law of the country which calls for giving first priority to those redundant.

Several redundant employees have began trooping to Capitol Hill to witness today’s proceeding with very high hope of returning to their jobs.

The company will be represented by its Acting Country Director,Stefan Oosthuizen after it’s Kenyan Country Director, Griffin Asigo services were terminated.

The company has been into series of controversial issues ranging from bad labor to alleged sexual exploitation and disrespect to government authorities since they took up operation in Liberia during the Ellen Johnson’s administration.

Education Minister, Prof. D. Ansu Sonii told LBS recently he has requested that Bridge and other partners in the sector begin to hire exclusively Liberians to run their programs instead of foreign nationals. ‘To run an elementary school, we don’t need non Liberians for that,’ he stated.

He maintained if the company refuses to find a Liberian before school resumes, their contract to operate in the country will not be extended.

Many remain hopeful, lawmakers will overturn Bridge decision at plenary today and return sanity to the entity that has been unsettled for months running.

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