Bridge Int’l pays hugely for bad labor

The Ministry of Labour has instructed Bridge International Academy to pay in the tone of nine thousand USD for an illegal dismissal action carried out by the company.

The staff, Daniel Fully was illegally dismissed by Kenyan Country Director Griffin Asigo and the matter has since been undergoing investigation at the Ministry.

Griffin also dismissed several other employees and redundant a significant number as well.

Fully has reportedly received nine thousand from the company for Griffin’s insensitivity while serving as Country Director in Liberia.

Though sacked from Liberia on instructions from the Ministry of Education authorities, Griffin continue to run things in Kenya affecting the Liberian program.

The decision to bring to book Bridge International for actions that affected Liberian employees is now a wake up call for several others affected by illegal action at the company.

The company’s record in Liberia remains a disaster with Labor’s authorities expressing disappoinment in the continuous disregard for Liberians at the company.

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