Canadian based Liberian kid addresses letter to politicians on UN Day

Dear Mr. Politician:

On the occasion marking another United Nations Day I like to speak to the consciences of our politicians to give our people of the world hope in all the people have done for them through their votes:

Have you not heard ‘The love of liberty brought us here’, and you don’t know unity when you get up there? Where is humanity? Where is the love and peace you promised for a chance in the seat? We hear you say kill them, kill them all and let the killers go free. Rape the young ones and set the rapist free.

You take the lives of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters and give us a bag of sweet so we can’t speak. But rest assured that one day you will have to explain; because the blood of our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers will hunt you in your sleep. There will be Justice for  all the people’s body we did not see. 

Your citizens are dying of hunger Mr. Politician,  don’t  you grieve? We give you everything you have now Mr. Politician and you gonna leave us to bleed?

You give us gun and and put us on the run as soon as we trun our backs you shot our parent/caregivers and give us a temporary bag of rice for unlimited time of pain. But we know the amount of champagne you drink when you gain.

We know you have a lot of time to speak but you delay your speech so we don’t have to complain.

We know you and we see how deceitful you are.  You give false promises when you want the votes, but when you get the votes then you are on your own.

Mr. Politician, you are hartless and you have no shame… you have failed  to take the children off the street and give them education, but  you rather put them in the streets to demosthene against your opponents.

Where are the schools you promised,  where is the good health system, the justic system and all the good things you promised? Mr. Politician,  your payday is coming some day soon…. 

                                         Martee-lue Fully

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