Capitol Hill employees lock main entrance in demand of extra sitting fee

The Legislature remains a scene as staffers of the body have locked the main entrance to the building in demand of extra sitting fees.

The employees, mostly of the Lower House are said to be requesting payment for the extension of this sitting of the august body.

Though the Legislature is yet to react to the action, the disturbance began since yesterday without an amicable solution found.

Several lawmakers are barred from entrance with few locked up in session, creating havoc at the First Branch of government.

Legislators had not gone for constituency break due to several prevailing national situations ranging from the economy to COVID19 amongst others; the President normally requests the extra sitting or extension.

It’s widely believed that extension of a sitting requires specific extra payments for lawmakers leaving their direct employees with no alternative to also request same.

The employees said, while their bosses remain on Capitol Hill, they too have to incur extra expenditure and job description during the process and are demanding to be fitted into payment scheme set aside during this period.

The situation is stalling normal working activities on Capitol Hill as several persons visiting Capitol Hill have to turn around due to the situation.

Details are still emerging

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