CDC concedes!

Our Distinguished Partisans and well-wishers throughout the length and breadth of Liberia;

Members of the press

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today is a great day for Liberian democracy.  Africa and the World have just witnessed the holding of free, fair and transparent Mid-Term Senatorial elections in Liberia, whose results are being progressively announced by the National Elections Commission. As the counting continues, the NEC has already declared winners in some counties and is yet to declare in other counties. We look forward to the final results.

Last evening His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah, under whose leadership strong electoral and democratic gains are being delivered, gave a short address to the nation. The President called for calm and for all to accept the results from the Special Senatorial elections as the votes therefrom represent the voice of the people of Liberia.

Consistent with this call by the President and with the tradition of democratic culture in free democratic societies, Representative Thomas P. Fallah, CDC candidate in the Senatorial elections, has just placed  a call to Senator Darius Dillon of the CPP to congratulate him on his victory and to pledge commitment to work together as lawmakers to move our country forward. This is the first time that a defeated candidate in the history of Liberia is congratulating his opponent before the official declaration of results by the NEC, something we only get to see in American democracy. On behalf of the leadership of the Coalition, let me join Rep Thomas Fallah in publicly extending congratulations to Senator Darius Dillon.

These elections as stated by the President are indeed a democratic triumph on which we can all build to move Liberia forward. The CDC will continue to work harder to enhance Liberian democracy, protect our peace and achieve the much needed and desired economic development and transformation we are pursuing as a Government.

On behalf of the President and leadership of the Coalition, let me publicly thank and pay homage to all Liberians and our loyal and committed partisans, well-wishers and sympathizers who turned out to support our campaign and to vote for the CDC throughout Liberia. To CDCIANS you fought a hard fight but this is the nature of free fair and transparent democracy that is flourishing under the CDC. The truth is that mid-term elections the world over are tough on ruling parties and here in Liberia the electoral history confirms that. The Unity Party for example did not win Montserrado County though-out its tenure but went to win a two-term presidency. The loss in Montserrado, for example, does not say that voters are making judgment on the President. They are sending a message to the CDC and its Government to address the challenges and concerns of the Liberian people in a manner that secures their trust.

The CDC and the Government have received this message well and the outcomes will be shown in the weeks, months and years ahead as we push harder to meet the service delivery and economic needs of the Liberian people.

In the post-election environment, we should all remain committed to protecting the peace and promoting the image of our country. The Government and the CDC have heard from the Liberian people and will press harder to work for a more inclusive and unified governance framework, to accelerate the resolution of complex economic and development challenges, to improve service delivery to all our people, to provide better job opportunities for Liberians and to achieve the aims of the PAPD.

The CDC and its collaborators are likely to win four counties, the CPP is likely to win six counties and independent candidates are likely to win four counties. This is a great combination for all to work for Liberia in the years ahead. Those elected should be given the chance to govern so that results may be judged at the end of the day. Protests should not be used as strategy to thwart governance. Government and opposition should have the chance to work so that the voters can have their say at the ballot box as we have seen in these historic elections.

To CDCIANS, we will work harder to build a more vibrant, inclusive and broadbased Coalition. Our hearts go out to all our partisans who worked and campaigned tirelessly throughout Liberia. We faced challenges in our coalition which may have undermined our political efforts but we are committed to resolving those challenges and to building a stronger Coalition. We will build a better coalition, improve our governance, deliver better services and go on to win in 2023!

Let me extend special thanks to our illustrious Standard Bearer and President of the Republic of Liberia, His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah, for his support to the CDC during these elections.  Mr. President, let me say that you remain a beacon of peace and democracy in Liberia and great things will continue to happen under your leadership. Take heart as you continue to work for the people of Liberia.

Special thanks also to the leadership of the Coalition for Democratic Change and leaders at various levels of the CDC. We have work to do and that work starts now. We must work to strengthen and expand our Coalition.

Let me also thank all the campaign teams of all the candidates. You put your all into this fight and the results are what they are. There are many more battles ahead before the political war is finally won!!

We respect the views and the wishes of our people as we continue to work to better and improve their lives. To the Liberian people again we say thank you. 

Long live the Mighty Coalition for Democratic Change and may God continue to bless our nation and people! 

I thank you.

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