CDC Condemns Isaac Vah Tukpah’s Assertion Against First Lady

– Calls on women to rally against Alexander Cummings Chief of Staff

The Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) condemns in the strongest terms, the repugnant display of obscenity, hate and misogyny as contained in an awfully-worded pamphlet, co-authored by a disgraced personality, Issac Vah Tukpah, also known and hereafter referred to as Ivah.

In this sickening discursive , Ivah offers a panoply of false characterizations of His Excellency President George Manneh Weah in an ugly attempt to construct a deceptively denigrating picture. Not being satisfied with his misrepresentation, he goes on to concoct unspeakable and malicious misrepresentations of His Excellency’s Mother Anna Weah of blessed memory, and our vivacious and elegant First Lady, Madam Clar Weah.

‘The CDC is taken aback by this overnight display of utter hate, disrespect, and disdain for Women. No level of hate for President Weah should accommodate this manner of abuse to Liberian Women, in general, and the First Lady in particular’ a statement issued in Monrovia said.

Now an Executive Member of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and serving as Chief of Staff of the ANC’s Political Leader Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, this chauvinistic, misogynist and pompous character called IVah, is a former CDC partisan; and not surprisingly, was rebuffed and penalized on many occasions for undermining the established governance structure of the CDC, and for continually usurping functions in an attempt to gain unearned public respect.

His contumacy and uncontained quest to deviate from standard party rules and principles led to his relegation and subsequent resignation. It is hence, his inexorable quest to wage a stinging attack to denigrate President Weah, that caused his exodus to ANC.

While it is within the prerogative of Mr. Cummings to take concrete actions and disassociate himself and the ANC from such a character, his deep silence on this matter will cause the death knell of Cummings political career, something that has been struggling to generate steam from the onset. These kinds of remarks offer an indicia of the ANC’s planned governance architecture of repressive, sexist, and misogynistic system to be executed by Ivah and his political party.

It is known to all that the First lady is an unassuming, virtuous, professional, and kind-hearted lady. Her great qualities embody the fine characteristics of millions of Liberian women at home and abroad.

Therefore, the false aspersion on Mrs. Weah’s character is a classic display of disrespect to not just Mrs. Weah, but every Liberian woman, demonstrating IVah’s insensitivity and disregard for the rights of women across the world.

By this, we call on all Liberian women in spite of any political, religious or other affiliations, to denounce this brazen and malicious characterization of womanhood and mete their displeasure and anger against Ivah and his co-author; and demonstrably distance themselves from the putrid lies being spewed out by the Chief of Office Staff of Mr. Cummings!

The CDC believes, and has intentionally practiced, that our politics must be above the filth politics and project positive traditional values of this country. Therefore, the Mighty Coalition is not just demanding for Ivah to apologize and recant his misrepresentation and utter abuse of the First Lady, but that the ANC standard bearer removes him from his post as Chief of Staff.

This is a collective call. If our society cannot protect a female as powerful as the First Lady of Liberia, what can we say about its ability to protect young women and poor girls from predators of the likes of Ivah. We must now move beyond his brazen attempt to demean Liberian women in general and the First Lady in particular and call on his cohorts and collaborators to condemn him and distance themselves from him in the most public of manner, or risk being associated with this depravity.

This statement is released by the full authority of the National Executive Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

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