CDC fields two candidates in Rivercess County?

It is becoming evidently clear that the governing party, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is fielding two candidates in Rivercess County.

Incumbent senator Dallas Gueh is the official CDC candidate while Steve Tequah a long time media enthusiast and producer is also seen by many in the county as another candidate of the party, though authorities of the party are yet to confirm or deny this.

Aspirant Tequah has since sent truckloads of cement to the county with an intent to cement all roads within Cestos City at a heroic ceremony held recently.

Report from the county says Sen. Gueh’s supporters also attended the ceremony, though reason for being sympathetic to another candidate’s process is yet unknown.

Steve Tequah is a reported confidante of NPA boss Bill Twehway who remains very prominent in the county and its body politics.

The two men, Steve and Sen. Gueh have been formidable in the wake of activities both are carrying out in the county at the disadvantage of other candidates, who are struggling to succeed.

Rivercess is amongst some of Liberia’s poorest counties with development severely lagging behind; roads deplorable, education poor and health care delivery a disaster.

A key contender to the two is expected to be former Superintendent Geevon Smith who is likely to contest on the CDC ticket in the upcoming election.

With such reported strategy of the ruling party it remains anyone’s guess what’s up for Rivercess on Dec. 8.

Before putting out such heroic fight, Steve Tequah was little known in Rivercess’ body politics, he resided in Buchanan and ran a small online show while mostly singing praise Bill Twehway.Attachments area

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