CDC Youth League Accuses Cummings of Inducing Rep. Jimmy Smith with 25K USD to Infiltrate Party

The CDC Youth League in an elaborate press conference Wednesday in Monrovia called on Party’s Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu to suspend District 2 Representative Jimmy Smith.

The Youth League said Rep. Smith was induced with twenty-five thousand USD to stir up upheavals within the party on behalf of ANC Leader Alexander Cummings.

‘Rep. Jimmy Smith surreptitiously received a whopping 25,000.00 USD from the ANC’s Political Leader, Alexander Cummings to infiltrate the CDC and create division within the ranks of the party,’ the RNYL said in a press conference Wednesday.

They continued ‘The Revolutionary National Youth League, at the same time, calls on Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu to suspend Representative Jimmy Smith of District #2 Montserrado County and subject him to investigations by the Grievance and Ethics Committee for being a master minder of sowing division in the district among partisans and undermining the Mighty CDC for personal gains. Hon. Smith has been the one instructing his office staff Jose Tarnue to rain insults on the President of Liberia, the Chairman of the CDC and other officials of government.’

The Youth League says Rep. Smith’s action to participate in such a scheme is tantamount to betrayal of the party that made him after several attempts of him being a representative failed.

‘Rep. Smith should know clearly that the CDC is a disciplinary entity and that no one is above reproach in the party,’ they said at the press cconference.

At the same time the Youth League with immediately effect expelled partisan Jose Tarnue of district # 2 Youth League and senior staff in the office of Rep. Jimmy Smith.

Jose Tarnue according to the Youth League fully participated in the schemes of Rep. Smith and has been carrying out attitudes unbecoming as member of the CDC.

The aforesaid act according to the CDC Youth League contravenes Section 2, sub-section 2.2.1 and Section 5, subsection 5.1.3 of the Code of Conduct and the By-Laws of the Youth League.

Wednesday’s press conference read by Hassan Newland, Deputy Secretary General for Administration of the CDC Youth League maintained that the Party has at the same time advised all from doing business with Mr. Tarnue.

Whistleblower has contacted some authorities within ANC who appear to be unbothered with the Youth League statement, maintaining it lacks facts while Hon. Smith’s phone remains off!

We will update when all parties are available for statement!

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