Chiefs In Central Region Of Ghana Call On Government To Immediately Demolish Budumburam Camp

By Priscilla Aklorbortu

In face of the recent unending criminal activities being recorded in Kasoa and its environs, the
traditional leaders do not seem happy about the bad press from the area.

Many have blamed the incessant criminal cases from that part of the region on the citing of the
refugee camp which has for some time now, been a hub for many criminals.

In view of this, some angry Chiefs of Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region are calling on the
government to immediately demolish Budumburam also known as Liberia Camp to help reduce
criminal activities in the area.

In a report filed by StarrNews, the Chief of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Abor Atta, underscored the
need for the government to demolish the Liberia Camp to undertake developmental projects like
schools, markets, and a community center.

The chief further mentioned that several pleas have been tabled before the president to demolish
the camp but nothing has been done yet.

Nana Abor Attah revealed that demolishing the camp, which has become a hub for many
hardened criminals, will go a long way to drive criminals out and bring peace and safety to
Kasoa and its environs.

After the beginning of the Liberian civil war in 1989, the Ghanaian government established the
Buduburam refugee camp.

In 1990, the Ghanaian government established the Buduburam refugee camp to give shelter to
the displaced Liberians who were affected by the Liberian Civil war in 1989.

It is mentioned that the UNHCR repeatedly urged the repatriation of refugees back to Liberia
after an agreement was signed in 2003, but most Liberians were reluctant to go back due to the
political and economic environment in Liberia.

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