COEDEL takes legal step to stop Bridge International and others from operating in Liberia

The Consortium of Education Defenders of Liberia (COEDEL) has held its first interaction with scores of legal luminaries in an attempt to halt the privatization and commercialization of public education in Liberia.

Mr. Joseph Kwiwalazu, head of COEDEL told newsmen in Monrovia that the meeting with lawyers went very well and commencement of a legal pursuit will begin in weeks.

He said lawyers have not ruled out an FOI (Freedom of Information) request to obtain the official contract between GoL and Bridge International as well as other groups that public education has been outsourced to since the Ellen led adminstration.

COEDEL says this is a pivotal step to begin a long road to freedom for Liberian children who are being schooled in dilapidated structures, poor sanitary conditions and other situations.

The group is at the same time making more public awareness in various counties via the media by bringing public attention to the wanton abuse of education in the country by foreigners.

Many talkshows across Liberia have been broadcasting testimonials of parents, teachers and other educational stakeholders as to how deplorable the educational program of the country is since these foreign institutions arrived.

Lawyers representing COEDEL are expected to focus on violation of international laws, disregard of the public education policies as enshrined in the contract signed with the government, information drawn from other suits as in Uganda, Kenya etc and the educational policy of Liberia amongst others.

COEDEL has been partnering with OXFAM, Danish Government, Education International and others to halt the privatization and commercialization of education as being practiced by Bridge International and others.

Bridge owner Shannon May, influenced by George Werner, former Education Minister of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia have been making frantic efforts in Liberia’s corridors of power to maintain their brand in the country.

Werner especially has been spearheading appointments within Bridge International which signifies how he has grips within the entity at the disadvantage of the current Minister of Education Prof. Ansu Sonii.

In Uganda, as being done by COEDEL in Liberia, the high court ruled against Bridge International stalling progress of the entity, Liberia’s case is nearing.

Bridge International operations in the country have been marred by bad labor practices, misinformation of the company being non for profit and illegally getting duty free privileges with no assets here etc.

The Liberian leader George Weah, disappointed in one of Bridge International’s structures had to call for an immediate rehabilitation of the Kendeja Public School; the companies raise millions abroad and do little in Liberia.

All eyes are on what comes out of the court case that is expected to begin soon.

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