Compromise Detected In Female Police Officer’s Brutalization Case – Activist Martin Kollie Alarms

Exiled youth activist Martin KN Kollie has alarmed there is an attempt to compromise the case concerning a female police officer who was brutalized by her commander in Maryland County.

This female police officer, Rebecca Nimely, was severely brutalized by Maryland County Police Commander Jacob Cumeh.

According to Kollie, a family member of the victim has reached out and said, “LNP wants to compromise this case,” a revelation he terms as disturbing.

“The cause for such abuse: Officer Rebecca chose to investigate a case that this cruel commander was already investigating.”

Although the police authorities has confirmed that the commander at the center of the saga was disrobed, the youth activist argued that this is false as the perpetrator is still a free man without even being disrobed, arrested, and charged.

He accused the Liberia National Police (LNP) of trying to cover up. “Our people are going through a lot nowadays. This is too much and so sad.”

Kollie added that his work is to highlight these gross human rights violations and that the abuse in Liberia is too much.

He lamented that those who kill, brutalize and loot are not painting the country black but asked: “Those of us who often expose them, demand justice, accountability, and good governance are painting Liberia black or playing politics?”

According to eyewitnesses, Sgt. Rebecca Nimley was physically assaulted by her boss Col. Jacob Cummeh while interrogating her as a result of a complaint involving her landlord that was being heard by him. The severely wounded victim is currently undergoing treatment at the J.J. Dossen Memorial Hospital in Harper, Maryland County.

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