‘Consider Other Priorities Than Dragging The I.M.S. Into The US$ 15,000.00 Controversy,’ Health Ministry Tells Dillon

Montserrado Senator Darius Dillon woes continue to deepen over the controversial 15K of an expected 30K USD he has received for ‘Legislative Engagement’ from the Liberian Senate in the wake of economic situation in the country.

An earlier announcement that he would turn over the funds to the Liberian Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) was earlier rejected as the body said proper appropriations were not done to the institution through the national coffers and they cannot separately do work prescribed by individual lawmakers.

The Montserrado Senator has been under severe public condemnation for receiving such huge money after he told the public on several campaign trails he will not take anything more than 5K USD.

Despite his announcement of the figures the public continues to feel betrayed by such wanton betrayal of the public trust; a colleague of his Rep. Hanson Kiazoulu a UP lawmaker also announced that he Dillon and others received 20K USD as direct deposit to their bank accounts to repay loans they took.

Kiazoulu was also reacting to the controversial 15 K issue and Dillon’s credibility in announcing every penny received at the Legislature.

Dillon however over the weekend switched the LACE rejected 15K to the Montserrado Health team but a letter in the possession of Whistleblower from Health Minister Jallah calls on the Head of the Montserrado County Health Team to uprightly reject the money given the controversy surrounding the money.

Said Dr.Wilhelmina S. Jallah ‘In our Incident Management System Meeting (I.M.S.) held on Saturday, June 19, 2021, you reported that Montserrado County Sen. Darrius Dillon donated the amount of US$ 7,500 (Seven Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollar) to the Montserrado County Health Team in support of the fight against COVID-19. While the I.M.S. appreciates Mr. Dillon’s kind gesture, the I.M.S., however, wishes to inform you that she CANNOT accept such donation from the senator or any other legislator at a time of ongoing polemic and public outcry concerning the source and exact purpose of the funds.’

The Minister at the same time expressed appreciation for the work health workers are doing across the country especially Montserado the “hot spot”, for COVID-19.

Where else the Montserrado Senator will take the controversial money remains a mystery.

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