Convict Brownie Samukai Absconds?

Former Defense Minister J. Brownie Samukai has reportedly absconded the country after a Supreme Court ruling requested  he and deputies be jailed for two years for failing to repay Army personnel money misappropriated.

They have not been able to repay half of what the earlier ruling has requested leading to the latest action by the court Thursday.

He and his two deputies James Ndorkor and Joseph Johnson have not been able to restitute over a million dollars misappropriated since their conviction for theft of property, misuse of public funds and criminal conspiracy.

The court ordered that they be jailed for two years leaving in jeopardy Brownie’s seat won in Lofa County.

He has reportedly left the country and is like to not return to face the sentence that takes immediate effect.

His absence from the country is expected to pave the way for a by election in Lofa County which is expected to be heated.

An extradition with any country he’s currently based in is expected to start a renewed legal proceeding.

Details are still emerging


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