CoP promises to endorse candidates outside of CPP

Mulbah K. Yorgbor, the new Secretary General of civil rights movement, Council of Patriots (CoP) has hit the ground running.

He told a news conference Friday that his group is no auxillary of any political party and don’t owe an allegiance to any opposition grouping as being insinuated.

Except for Sen. Darius Dillon, the incumbent opposition senator of Montserrado who is opting for reelection, the chief scribe of the CoP said they will endorse candidates who are fully vetted and they deem fit to lead Liberia better at the Legislature.

CoP carries same opposition tendency like the Collaborating Political Parties but they are yet to be members of the group.

The group saw a huge defection recently but immediately today replaced their youth league chair one of those defected with a firebrand female ahead of a planned convention.

Said Yorgbor ‘The COP is for PATRIOTS! Patriots will REMAIN! SaveTheState.’

CoP Executive Menepaka Dumoe is also contesting in vote rich Bong County against CPP’s Prince Moye; he’s likely to get the movement’s endorsement.

Decision to endorse candidates of their choice other than the CPP places dark clouds over CPP members who also play executive roles in the CPP.

Last time this happened after the pick of Emmanuel Nuquay for VP slot while his PUP fielded candidates alongside UP, there were serious repercussions that ended in an election defeat for all sides.

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