Court Grants Permanent Custody Of Kids To Sidike Bility But…

Civil Law Court A at the Temple of Justice Thursday granted permanent custody to businessman Sidike Bility in a landmark custody case involving his ex wife Warti Robinson Clarke.

Judge Yarmie Quiqui Gbeisay says the kids will twice monthly visit their mom and she will over time have access to visit them in what is expected to bring to end a long-standing social media claims and counter that have taken a new turn in the country.

Paramount amongst reason for the permanent custody given the father of the two boys 5 and 8 is because Madam Clarke according to the Judge got pregnant for another man while still married to Bility, leaving room for bitterness between her current husband and her ex, something the court believes could have some repercussions.

The Civil Law Court fears that there could be transferred aggression given the bitterness between the two men and as such had no alternative but to grant permanent custody to Mr. Bility, CEO Green Petroleum.

‘Given the mother lives in Banjor and the kids go to school in Congo Town, as well as records from the showing lateness every Monday during the shared custody, the court hereby grants permanent custody to Mr. Sidike Bility,’ Jusge Gbeisay ruled.

He however said the kids will also have time to practice both Christian or Muslim religion till the time is ripe when they attain an age to decide.

The Judge continued that the Domestic Relations Law of Liberia provides that when parents of minors live in a state of separation, the father of the children or the husband of that marriage has priority of custody of those children.

Judge Gbeisay stated that it is troubling that records show that during a fight between Warti and her current husband led her to taking the kids to their dad at 4am at some point to the father and at the same time leaving them unattended had one of the boys piercing the other in the ears. All these according to the court shows irresponsibility on the part of the mom to properly take care of the kids.

Earlier during arguments, Cllr. Wilkin Wright who represents Mr. Bility said the law provides that all cases involving issues relative to minor, the best interest, general wellbeing and welfare of the children should always be the foremost concern of the court stating that his client, Sidike Bility, CEO of Green Petroleum is capable of such responsibility.

The controversial lawyer said the demand for custody by Warti and husband are meant to milk Mr. Bility while with a different husband though she was settled handsomely following the divorce.

However, lawyers representing Madam Warti Robisnson have filed an appealed to the Supreme Court of Liberia.

They maintained their client should be the one legally granted permanent custody of the two boys.



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