CPP Joins Ranks With PLP Cassell In Aircraft Saga

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has expressed condemnation in the strongest term the deliberate refusal by the government to allow a helicopter belonging to the Political Leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel Cassel, to land despite satisfying all of the requirements prescribed by the Liberia Aviation Authority.

CPP says the refusal infringes on the rights of Dr. Cassell and is clearly based on political grounds and that it demonstrates how far this government is prepared to go to suppress the opposition.

CPP therefore calls on the government to immediately correct its actions, which could set unintended precedents and have undesired consequences.

Meanwhile, PLP has complained Government of Liberia to the international community, accusing the Weah led-administration of threatening the peace of the country by witch-hunting opposition political actors.

PLP has written diplomatic missions, including other developmental partners to intervene into the decision taken by the Government of Liberia to prevent its Political Leader’s helicopter landing in the country through the Roberts International Airport.

Two of the notable foreign missions written by the PLP include: the European Union Delegation and the United States Embassy near Monrovia.

In a communication addressed to the Diplomatic Corps, including the US, EU under the signature of its Political Leader, the PLP claimed that the current administration of President George Weah bears the greatest responsibility to maintain peace and tranquility, ensure good governance and respect for the rule law and civil liberties.

The party emphasized for Liberia to remain stable and foster forward, fundamental democratic values must remain adhered to and never violated or compromised.

After Cassell was denied his request for a South African aircraft landing right in Liberia, the Supreme Court at the Temple of Justice invited the Director-General of the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA) on the matter.

In a communication of October 15, 2021 addressed to LCAA Director-General Chief Moses Y. Kollie, the Clerk of the Supreme Court stated: “By directive of His Honor Yusuf D. Kaba, you are hereby cited to a conference with His Honor on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 in connection with the above caption case.”

The conference emerged from a writ of prohibition filed by Kwenyan Group of Company through its Board Member Tapple Doe, who is as well the Acting Chairman of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) founded by Dr. Cassell as Political Leader.

LCAA Director-General Kollie was ordered to permit the aircraft, which is subject of the petition, to land in Liberia pending the outcome of the conference but the order is yet to be obeyed.

Cassell is reportedly hiring the South African private aircraft to expedite his political activities ahead of 2023.

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