Crisis at Bridge Int’l; Acting Country Director resigns

Things are turning from bad to worst at Bridge International Academies, the educational brand, with the company ruining to the ground amidst controversies.

Months following the unceremonious removal of its Kenyan Country Director, Griffin Asigo on request of the Liberian Ministry of Education for his excesses in Liberia, the Acting Country Director too has stepped aside.

Stefan Oosthuizen, South African national told a gathering of senior managers that he was stepping aside due to hurdles or difficulties in running the program amidst media scourge and other unforseen circumstances. The organization is scripted and employees views not respected leaving everyone to sit idle while critical decisions are only reached from above.

He has been a backbone to former Country Director Griffin Asigo who now sits at Bridge Kenya’s office running the Liberian program in total disregard to the Liberian top education management system that requested his removal.

Liberia’s Minister of Education, Prof. D. Ansu Sonii has since frowned on the attitude of the Kenyan national while in Liberia, terming him as being disrespectful.

He told the Legislature recently when summoned on issues related to huge redundancy at Bridge International that he has instructed that no foreign national run the educational program in Liberia as there are qualified Liberians to do so.

The Minister went further to say, Stefan was acting for a few months after which a Liberian will have the role though the company’s top management is reportedly reneging to fill the void.

With Stefan’s resignation and possible departure from the Country soon, Bridge is left with a vacancy unfilled only because former Country Director Griffin Asigo runs the company from abroad.

Bridge International has been running several government schools in Liberia with funding from international donors but their reputation lately has been at stake ranging from bad labor, to disregard for public officials amongst others.

The company recently arbitrarily redundant seventeen employees with the Legislature requesting an overturn of the decision to no avail.

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