Cummings Attacking the Only Conscious Voices in the CPP

By Joseph K Vallai

Sprouting out of a far fourth place in 2017 with 7.2% of the total votes cast. Alexander Cummings has been making rounds across the country as the man poised to being Liberia’s ‘next President.’

The ex-Coca Cola Executive who knows little about Liberia has been unable to garner the support of the masses even in his own home town of Maryland where he remains very unpopular till date.

That’s not what marvels me the most but his sponsorship of naysayers and political thugs to launch stinging attacks on an impeccable characters like Joseph Nyumah Boakai and Senator Darius Dillon.

It is no secret that Front Page Africa latest actions against Senator Dillon which has been sustained in the papers for little over a month have been fully sponsored by this failed businessman, Fourth Placer, Alexander Cummings.
Why is he launching such attack? What does he want to benefit from it? How does the future of CPP progress if these bickering and attacks on potential individuals continue?

Cummings fears Dillon, who won with 206, 368 votes amounting to 61.3% from one county 9Montserrado) as compare to him 112, 067 or 7.21% in a general and Presidential elections. Such a poor showing for a millionaire campaigning in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Cummings thinks Dillon’s showing above him in a single county to him nationwide clearly signifies that Dillon has built himself politically to being a leader in the making.

Cummings and his likes are worried about how all their heavily backed financial efforts to showcase him will likely diminish were they to lose out to Amb. Joseph Boakai in the upcoming CPP primaries.

Dillon remains the most formidable person for running mate in a CPP arrangement and a Boakai/Dillon 2023 ticket is the best for Liberia.

All the distractions, attacks and rants against Dillon are sponsored heavily by the ANC for this single intent, to discourage supporters against making Dillon viable in the society as he has always been since his significant showing in two successive elections.

We are aware that Cummings spends sleepless nights with his team strategizing on attacking Dillon and Boakai but he can be assured what’s destine is destined, he can never surmount the political leverage Dillon has made for himself. I will advise him to basically join in the quest to have Liberians benefit greatly from their resources.

Why is Cummings only attacking Dillon for receiving 30, 000 USD when in fact all the lawmakers including his party chairman Hon. Daniel Naeteh received similar amount ? Cummings detest Dillon and Boakai , he sees the two as blocking his chances of getting the CPP’s nomination.

Currently , Cummings has been on solo in his engagements . Most of which has been through his so-called foundation with total disregard for the CPP’s arrangement. He has also been on a deadly political maneuvering by recruiting and sponsoring Unity party partisans and Liberty Party partisans to create havoc within their respective parties.

This action of Cummings is a show of desperation and a sign of division within our ranks.

The fight within the CPP sponsored by Cummings and his likes is not only meant to undermine the institution but the Liberian people quest for better opportunities, booming economy and leadership.

Simply put, Cummings is fighting Liberians not Dillon and Boakai!

I will be back….

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