Cummings flexes muscle; rejects Nimba primary results uprightly; what’s next for CPP?

The ANC has renewed its objection and rejection to the results of what it called ‘The highly flawed’ Nimba County Primary.

According to release issued late Friday, the ANC renewed objection to the results of the Nimba Primaries based on an Independent Review Panel’s report which
failed to validate the result and further noted the process as flawed and lacking credibility.

‘As a party, we cannot in good conscience now validate any such results by accepting it because our colleagues believe we should do so in their interest’ Cummings’ ANC said in a statement.

The release continued ‘That our colleagues are resolved to impose a candidate from a flawed and bloody process on the Liberian people to contest on CPP’s ticket, makes it practically difficult for the CPP to detach itself from Liberia’s “business as usual” politics.’

The ANC says she believes in fair and honest dealing, and cannot lend credence to a process which conduct was a complete opposite of what the ANC stands for.

‘It is unfortunate for anyone to expect the ANC to accept the results of a process our candidate and delegates did not participate in for fear of their lives or where bloodshed and violence was involved,’ Friday’s statement maintained.

ANC said if we must be an alternative to what we wish to change, we must do things differently in the interest of the people.

Speaking further, the ANC said she remains committed to the CPP but will not participate in the usual “short-cut” way of doing things in Liberian politics.

‘We have made several compromises in the interest of keeping the CPP together but will not compromise on our values as an institution,’ the release said.

ANC is calling on other constituent parties in the CPP to be ready to accept change, if we are serious to change Liberia.

In conclusion the release was emphatic ‘Our promises to the Liberian people cannot and must not be lip-service; we must be what we are promising.’

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