Cummings Former CoS Takes Refuge At US Embassy?

In the midst of controversy surrounding the publication of a book he co-authored, state security officials have disclosed that Isaac Vah Tukpah wasn’t arrested but was stopped last night while attempting to cross the border with Sierra Leone after 11:PMwhen the facility had closed.

Video footages show Tukpah being returned to Monrovia under security escort and turned over to ANC Secretary General Aloysius Toe.

Following the turn over, ANC sources said Tukpah’s phone and passport weren’t returned to him, though Immigration authorities remain tight lipped on that.

In a rather dramatic turn, the former Cummings CoS according to reports made an entry into US Embassy premises though the Embassy accredited near Monrovia is yet to put out an official statement in this regard.

Tukpah is an ex US Marine and reportedly a US Passport carrier.

Mr. Tukpah, co-author of the book ‘George Weah, The Dream, The Legend, The Rise To Power,’ came under widespread public criticism on Tuesday, February 1, 202 for detailed explicit sex accounts he provided in the book.

The book reveals an alleged discussion by a husband, President George Weah of his wife Clar.

Tukpah once served as USA Chapter Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and contested for Representative seat in Rivercess County in 2017 and for the Senate in Montserrado County in 2020.  

Tukpah is said to have received several threats on his life and was tipped off at the highest levels that his life was in danger and to leave the country immediately.

One account, confirmed by former Cummings Chief of Staff MoriahYeakula, has it that Tukpah then proceeded to leave the country Tuesday night to Sierra Leone via a border crossing point in Grand Cape Mount County.

Additionally, it is said that he was arrested by a Liberian immigration officer at the Sierra Leonean border checkpoint in Tienne and reportedly taken to the Bo Waterside border post.

A source stated: “They all had his photo in their phones and said that he was wanted by the Liberian government, even though he hasn’t been charged with any crime and no warrant for his arrest has been issued.”

As far as other accounts are concerned, officers of the Joint Security headed by the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) had him intercepted at Tienne checkpoint in Grand Cape Mount County at around 11:45PM.

Eyewitnesses also said he was asked by the state security officers to have himself identified so as to know the individual that was traveling at that time of the night and he presented both Liberian and American driving licenses.

He was traveling at the time of the night when all of the borders were closed and due to his safety, for which officers on duty decided to keep him at the checkpoint until daylight. It is said he was traveling with no official traveling documents before being nabbed at the Bo Waterside border crossing point.

Tukpah recently served as Chief of Staff to Alexander B. Cummings, Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), but the opposition politician announced on Monday that he asked for and received the immediate resignation of Tukpah.

According to Cummings, this is despite the fact that the book which is the object of his concern was written long before Tukpah joined his team. Yet, the ANC Standard Bearer stated that since joining the team, Mr. Tukpah has served with diligence and professionalism, and he has come to respect and admire his work.

But he added: “My decision was not taken lightly because I value Isaac’s works and contributions. However, the standards of alternative leadership for our country that we have set for ourselves, now and in the future, are particularly higher than the usual, and we are determined to maintain it. It means we must stand with all those who are right, when they are right, even if they are not our friends, and refuse to stand with those who are wrong, even if they are our friends and workmates. I will continue to do so because this is the example of the quality of leadership that our country desperately needs to change course, and improve the lives of Liberians.”

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