Dead Baby Found In ‘Ghana Must Go’ Bag

Residents of Lynch Street in Monrovia awoke to the discovery of a lifeless baby placed in a large bag commonly known as “Ghana must go” on Monday, April 4, 2022. The exact location of the discovery scene is the Lynch Street vicinity that connects Palm Grove Cemetery, Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Montgomery Laundry and AB Anderson Funeral Parlors.

According to the chairman of the Johnson and Lynch Streets, Lawrence C. Mayson, the discovery was made known by a male dweller who had gone to urinate at the site the baby was found wrapped in the bag.

Chairman Mayson said upon being notified, he dispatched men with megaphones to inform community dwellers about the discovery but no one has been seen as a parent.

The community chairman said this prompted him to inform the police detachment within the area about the discovery.

“The police told us to carry a megaphone around to make announcement and people came but nobody could identify the child.

“The police told us to be keep asking for the parents and that’s what we are doing now. We are waiting for the police to give us the authority before burial. Either the police will do the burial or they will call the rightful authority to bury the child. For this side, this is the very first time and you know we are near the cemetery,” the chairman further explained.          

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