Deputy Minister Doe Denies Being “WOMAN BEATER”

Isaac Doe, Deputy Minister for Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports, has responded to an allegation against him as published in a Front-Page Africa Monday, February 28, 2022 news story under the headline “WOMAN BEATER?”

In the story, the Deputy Minister is accused of trying to prevent said news from being reported, but he has immediately and categorically denied such as false, baseless and character assassination reporting on him.

As contained in a press statement issued on Monday, February 28, 2022, Deputy Minister Doe thinks of such blatant lie as a politically motivated stunt due to his critical stance of promoting government’s image and its working on a major network or for whichever purpose it was meant to serve.

You can rest assured that I will continue to propagate government’s program and no malicious plan will be enough to get me off that track,” he stated.

What makes it even more appalling is the fact that FPA, regarded as one of the major sources of news would publish a story which damages a person’s character without any facts attached thereto,” Deputy Minister Doe added.

According to him, the simplest standard of journalism which calls for due diligence in reporting by getting both sides of the story was never even followed.

One would think FPA would have first authenticated images accompanying their story by at least speaking to the alleged victim or even the perpetrator to ascertain the veracity of the rumors heard,” he stressed.

The Deputy Minister noted that it would have been helpful had FPA made the minimum effort to identify the alleged“girlfriend” by name or the source of its reporting.

He said because such never happened, he hereby challenges FPA or anyone behind such to prove its hogwash of a story involving his person.

Deputy Minister Doe assured the public that he is a respecter of violence free society and would do everything in his power to be an example to many and he therefore expressed his hope that FPA will do the needful.

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