Dillon dumps Prophet Key after massive protests by Liberty Party partisans and women of Liberia

Montserrado controversial Senatorial candidate, Darius Dillon has dumped one of his lead campaigners and financiers of his reelection bid following massive protests before Liberty Party’s Headquarters and women of Liberia in general.

Partisans of Dillon on the early hours of November 24 protested for hours for what they called Dillon placing ‘Rude Prophet Key’ on his campaign team.

Though the Dillon’s team rejected the claims, the partisans remained determine and continued their action after the disrespectful political commentator raised 2000 USD for team Dillon and seems to be deeply rooted into canvassing for the Montserrado Senator.

Dillon said on Truth FM that the approach of Prophet Key on his show was concerning and he cannot associate with him though he sees his followers as Liberians who have their rights to association and that should also be respected.

But Dillon’s Campaign Manager, Martin Kollah also ran contrast to his boss by saying the Senator has not included the rude talkshow host on the campaign for his ‘Inappropraite and disrespectful’ approach to womanhood.

“Senator Dillon did not name “Prophet Key” to the campaign team. Our partisans were protesting that this abusive man had been named. And so, we have to informed them that that did not happen. Our opponents are using this against us,” Martin said.

However when he pronounced Key’s contribution to his campaign through his supporters, he mentioned that the rude individual who insults women indiscriminately on his show is a member of his campaign.

The entire campaign has been marred by said controversial giving the Montserrado Senator an entanglement least expected, which could cost him his campaign.

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