‘Dillon is a boy’ Yekeh goes nuts on CPP

Controversial ANC lawmaker Yekeh Kolubah, who is currently under probe by colleagues on Capitol Hill has called Montserrado Senator Abraham Darius Dillon a ‘Boy.’

Yekeh said it is unfortunate that the lawmaker will make comments and retract it in no time. That according to him is not manly.

‘Anything I say I can’t take it back, Dillon is a boy, I’m a man’ Yekeh asserted. He continued ‘I mean every word I say, anything I say I will not take it back.’

The District 10 lawmaker at the same time frowned on the CPP for distancing itself from him, using the occasion to announce a new movement.

He said the movement will be in full readiness by January and will be one the Liberian people can trust to unseat the CDC led government.

Hon. Kolubah said all cards are on the table including turning the movement into a political party of hotliners.

Yekeh was thrown out of session Tuesday by Speaker Chambers after heated debates where he referred to the Speaker as being bias, a Presidential bodyguard and sellout who is refusing to place his communications on the floor.

It remains unclear what will come out of the probe presided over by Lofa County lawmaker Mariama Fofana.

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