“Don’t Give Boys Men Job To Do,”-Ex-VP Joe Boakai

At the ceremony marking his official ascendancy as Chairman of the main opposition Collaboration Political Parties (CPP), former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai took apparent aim at the ruling establishment with the popular adage that says: “Don’t give boys men job to do.”

Speaking on Friday, October 15, 2021, Ambassador Boakai said: “Leave an entertainer to entertain for ‘while Rome burns the Boy King entertains his guests with a musical harp.’ While Liberia burns, the Boy King encourages the building of statutes and monuments in his name while he is alive. Demands that his followers worship him. Exudes an unrealistic lifestyle while poverty consumes our people in the ‘dirtiest city in Africa.’Malnutrition rages while he plays music and dance to musical cheers.”

He added. “Liberia burns and people die but he entertains his guests at lavish undertakings while illiteracy and drugs maim our children. He builds lavish and luxury homes in 1 year while his entire party takes the life time of his regime to finish a vocational training center on its party premises. A change betrayed!”

The Unity Party Standard Bearer therefore sought the need for Liberians to be liberated from the bondage of failed leadership.

According to the former Vice President, a winning soccer icon’s presidency has seen Liberia’s pitch banned by FIFA and its national team rated as an underdog.

He noted that the one success that brought “you to prominence has become a national failure under your leadership.”

Amb. Boakai pointed to missing persons, missing parts, armed robbery and general insecurity as now being the Liberian character.

He cautioned that this must change and that the CPP must concentrate on a vision that will take Liberians from bondage to new heights of progress.

“We declare that the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) remain strong, united and unwavering. No fleeting temptation, no distraction will steer us away from our goals.”

He confidently said: “We are set to win in 2023 and redirect the course of our history.”

On May 19, 2020, he recalled that the CPP declared to Liberians and the world that it was unerringly committed and dedicated to a daring cause so achievable and patriotic.

“Collectively we remain poised to win in 2023 building upon the expectations, hopes and justifiable excitement of the Liberian people that an alternative is possible.”

As stated by him, this is why he feels deeply humbled to accept the responsibility bestowed upon him by the CPP as its Chairperson for the next eight months.

“Fellow Liberians and Partisans, the past few months have been fraught with difficulties creating anxiety in the public and a sense of implosion within the CPP. We recognize these challenges, which have occasioned internal wrangling and a distasteful impression. However, we implore you to not allow differences and internal wrangling to define the CPP, no matter how contentious they have become.”

This is because, he said, social, economic or political conflicts are events that can be transformed into good.

“We must also see the positives in our differences, as these disagreements and healthy exchanges are the labor pains of the collaboration. Just as a mother experiences discomfort in childbirth but finds joy at the sight of her newborn baby, so also will our differences be transformed into unity and a common purpose in changing our country for the good of all.”

The new CPP Chairman assured all Liberians, wherever they are in the world, that the collaboration will be strong after the storm, and that it will continue to demonstrate its purpose in pursuing the path of providing alternative and responsible leadership for the people of Liberia.

“Over the next 8 months of our leadership, the CPP will be institutionalized. We will entrench our feet so deep that victory will be the only option. We will not betray our country. Our people have given us their confidence, we will not disappoint them.”

He reminded CPP partisans and all well-meaning Liberians that what has been set out to be done, places all on the threshold of history to cast out the ghost of what is a reckless political, economic and social order that benefits only very few people and has grown increasingly stubborn to change.

“We have also come to let you know that we are united and determined to move forward together as an alliance, joining with millions of other Liberians across this country and the Diaspora to break the cycle of abject poverty, impunity, illiteracy, disease, social injustice, dictatorship, corruption and other challenges that haunt the present, and most profoundly the future.”

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